Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Just For Fun!!

While it is hot here...nothing can keep a girl from doing some shopping! Just a few of some cute things that I found. Wish I had a place to use them but alas...I don't! Someone should let me come decorate for you so maybe I could HA!

 Union Jack is so popular right now! 
$129 Marshalls

 The kids would love it! Couldn't find a price tag!

 This would be cute in a sunroom or den or little girls room!
$29.99 Marshalls

 Turquoise!!!! I'd put this with a dining table!
$69.99 Marshalls

 Love all this girly stuff! 
$29.99 Home Goods

   Had to throw this in here...it was funny!

Steve Madden
$23.99 Ross

And of course my beloved shoes...in my size! TOO BIG!!!! Oh well, didn't need them anyway. Shoe's are my drug of choice!!! There will others...many, many others!

So where do you find bargains at?? I'd love for you to share it with me just in case I've missed something! Did I mention I will drive great distances for that bargain...I will so please don't keep secrets!!!

Til next time...SHUGA'S!!!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

We're Having A Heat Wave....NOT A Tropical Heat Wave!

Well, its been another scorcher here in the south! Texas is having some kind of drought, one like I've never seen before! So that it makes it tough to get out there and do much of anything at all! Except lay around, preferably in water!!! All though its too hot for a pool even and our lakes are looking pretty dried up right now! Tough to maintain my southern bell status or professionalism as I'm sweating profusely all over my paperwork and in my sweet tea! So I thought today we'd dream...and dream big! Thousands of miles away from here! Oh what I wouldn't give right now to be laying in a hammock under palm tree's listening to the ocean waves with a cute little coconut cup in hand...and don't forget the little umbrella that goes in it! What do you think about some of these places? I say we all head out TODAY...who's with me???

Gorgeous huh? I'm so ready!!! It would take all of us to pay for it though! So don't you dare go with out me!! All properties are offered through Paradizio.com. I may just have to settle for this though..cute little pic from Etsy!

 A girl can dream though can't she??????

Til next time...

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

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Friday, August 19, 2011

Mom's Helping Miss Ruby Jane Auction!

I just had to share this! Bless their hearts! How tragic and what a great thing for these people to do. Kinda helps restore your faith in humanity doesn't it! How blessed we are! While I don't have little one's anymore, I am loving some of the donations and I really wish I were closer because I would so go for those eyelash extensions!!!!! Follow your heart and follow this link to bid or donate..http://rubyjanetaylor.blogspot.com! You can also check out little Ruby's story here.. http://aniandmatttaylor.blogspot.com/

Til next time...HUGS AND KISSES!
Angela K

Thursday, August 18, 2011


First of all, let me apologize for the very long disappearing act! I know...my bad!! No blogger should ever be gone that long from home and I do so apologize. I promise it will never happen again...well if it does I'll make sure I have a guest blogger at least to take care of you guy's while I'm away.

So now that that's over, lets get on with business! I am in LOVE LOVE LOVE with House of Fifty!!! They are a great little website with a fantastic online magazine! It has a blog and everything! Below are just a sampling of what you can expect!

Did I mention how much I love them!!! Go check it out at  http://www.houseoffifty.com/

Til next time...

Hugs and Kisses
Angela K