Thursday, March 31, 2011

Rue is out!!!!

The new online Rue magazine is out and it is lovely!!! It features another one of my favorite bloggers, Bailey from Peppermint Bliss and her home which she fondly refers to as Clifford, the big red house! I love her take on traditional with a touch of whimsy in every room! She is just so clever...who would have thought to paint the window trim in THAT color...or hang a picture over a window, which I love by the way. She has several items I'm coveting right now! 1) that fabulous huge picture that she and her husband are sitting in front of. 2) those darling little lamps on the dressing table!! She's even got me liking wallpaper again...what's that about?! Actually there is just way too much to mention, so we'll just leave it with...I wanna live there(whiney, pouty voice)!! She is just the cutest little thing and I enjoyed every detail of it! Go over and check it out at! You can see Bailey here at  So tell me what do you think so far, could you live there!!

Hugs and Kisses!!
Angela K

all pics via Rue and Peppermint Bliss  

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

And the crown goes to...

Me, you and a wiener!!!! I know, your thinking what?? I'm getting to that, I promise I have a point! You know what I love about being young and just starting out, not to mention broke? Its that you have to be creative. Come on, I know you have to remember those days. I miss them and I am truly inspired by some of what I see out there. Bri over at Me, you and a wiener is officially the queen of DIY's! She can take something that is nothing and turn it into something fabulous. Makes me wonder why you would ever want to pay full price for something just for a name when you can do the same thing Bri does! Talk about a Chic Streak!! Here are a few of my fav's! She is my kinda girl!!! Do we have any DIYer's out there? If so I want to hear from you, what's your latest project?

Hugs and Kisses!
Angela K

Go check them all out at But be warned...she does have a filthy mouth on her! I just bleep those out!!!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Wild About Weddings!!!

Lately I've got weddings on the brain. My son and my brother are getting married. The son next year and the brother in July of this year. While my son is planning a destination wedding, my brother is not, and I still can't help but contemplate what we would do if he wasn't. Besides that, I LOVE those dressy dress's and the whole wedding planner thing! So...I've been looking and planning and here's some of what I've found! I love, love, love BHLDN! I love the fact that their a little different and vintagey, they are to die for! It would make the cutest little wedding adventure! Hope you enjoy and if any of you need help planning...I'm available! Just call me the wannabe wedding planner!

Hugs and Kisses
Angela K

Oh and expect more on this subject!


Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Death of an era!!!!

This was not my intended post for today but I'm sad! The last of Hollywood royalty is gone with the death of Elizabeth Taylor this morning. I just loved watching old movies with my mother as I was growing up. Dame Elizabeth was always one of my favorites. The way she carried herself and the clothes she wore was just too perfect and she made you proud to be a woman! I feel as though this officially makes me old (which, by the way, is something I will nevah be)!!! So as we bid are some of my fav's!

Hugs and Kisses!
Angela K


Monday, March 21, 2011

Spring = Cleaning???

How can that be?? But alas, its true! Actually, its probably the only time any of us really like to clean. So its time to purge, get rid of, garage sale or whatever it is that you do with all that accumulation. Its amazing how much STUFF we do accumulate isn't it?! So lets start with me favorite...closet's! I love closets and these are some of my dream closets. Oh what I wouldn't do to have one of these!!! What's your idea of a dream closet...anybody out there got one? If so please let me know because I'd love to feature it here!

Hugs and Kisses!
Angela K

all pictures via decorpad and Lonny mag