Sunday, August 28, 2011

We're Having A Heat Wave....NOT A Tropical Heat Wave!

Well, its been another scorcher here in the south! Texas is having some kind of drought, one like I've never seen before! So that it makes it tough to get out there and do much of anything at all! Except lay around, preferably in water!!! All though its too hot for a pool even and our lakes are looking pretty dried up right now! Tough to maintain my southern bell status or professionalism as I'm sweating profusely all over my paperwork and in my sweet tea! So I thought today we'd dream...and dream big! Thousands of miles away from here! Oh what I wouldn't give right now to be laying in a hammock under palm tree's listening to the ocean waves with a cute little coconut cup in hand...and don't forget the little umbrella that goes in it! What do you think about some of these places? I say we all head out TODAY...who's with me???

Gorgeous huh? I'm so ready!!! It would take all of us to pay for it though! So don't you dare go with out me!! All properties are offered through I may just have to settle for this though..cute little pic from Etsy!

 A girl can dream though can't she??????

Til next time...

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