Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Baby Bumps and Showers!!

 Went to the cutest lil baby shower on Sunday! Mika, Reagen's friend, is due...December 25th...of all days right! So we rode over to Henderson for the shower, which was soooo cute!! You'd have to know Mika to really appreciate it all. While she is a girlie girl, she's not a pink girl at all! Her choice of colors are perfect and all of her bedding and things were made for her, including that cute lil turned out perfect!! Boy, did she clean house, let me tell you! Its amazing all the stuff they have for babies now! Thought I'd share with y'all...a perfect afternoon for a baby shower!!! Here's a big ole welcome to Marley Pearl!!!

BTW...did you check out all that shabbyness???? Couldn't get better pics because it was packed!! Very cute though!!

Til next time...shuga!!

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