Friday, November 11, 2011

First Monday Trade Days

Busy weekend!!! It was a beautiful weekend though and perfect weather for being out and about so that's exactly what we did! It was First Monday and in our neck of the woods that means an all day affair of just about anything and everything you'd ever hope to see... or not! Considered to be the "Grand Daddy of all flea markets", it originated in 1850 when the judge came in the first Monday of the month to hold court. It has now grown so large, up to 500,000 people and on over 100 acres, I'd need the whole weekend to see everything I think! It runs Thursday through Sunday and we went on Friday! Thank God we didn't wait until Saturday because it was soooo crowded, we could hardly walk and look at some things we wanted to. We never made it to the back where the real bargains are. I also wouldn't have been able to meet in person one of my all time fav's, Cathy over at Girls Gone Junkin! She is just as sweet and friendly in person, a girl after my own heart! When you go, make sure and stop by to show her some love and tell her I sentcha!!! We loved it and while we didn't make it home with anything...its not because we didn't want too!! I'll apologize for the pics in on space and used my phone so the lighting kinda sucks!!!!


isn't that the cutest coat!!

look at all those cars...this was the back, back 40

yes...that's turquoise in that thar table

cute name

loved this display and what a cute idea...buttons!

from my girls gone junkin

Cathy from Girls Gone Junkin

Sorry about the order of these, but my phone was not cooperating on the download. You can visit Girls Gone Junkin at

Til next time...shuga!!

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