Friday, September 23, 2011

I'm Hooked!!!!

Okie dokie...its official!!! All this blogging and pinning on Pinterest has got me hook, line and sinker for junking!  I mean totally obsessed! If I'm not pinning, I'm researching estate sales and garage sales and wanting to stop at every Goodwill with in a 200 mile radius! So last night I ran across a sight called OH MY!!! They had some seriously cool stuff on there! Some of it just brought back very fond memories of a bygone era and some of it is possibly to die for!! Am I the only junkie junker out there? Who's with me.....????

Love that Lauren Bacall

This could be interesting, it has a certain Old Hollywood glamour about it!

Everybody needs a lil Jimmy!!!

I'm a huge boot fan...of any kind!!

Would love to have this for my bedroom, in white!

Love the wood on these chairs!

Who remembers playing with these?

Even selling the chandy, should be white or black!

These are very hot right now!

Crazy quilt or just crazy?

I decided I'd better stop posting, I have lots more and will get them to you at a later post! So, are you in or are you out??????

Til next time...shuga's!!!!!

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