Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Baby its cold outside!!!!!!!

BRRRRR!!!! Feels like we are frozen solid here! I know, we really aren't but this is East Texas after all! We are not use to such cold weather and it appears as though Mother Nature forgot about that! We've always said that if you don't like the weather here just hang on a minute because it'll change! Well it has and we are freezing! So to warm the soul, how about some fireplaces. I tried really hard to find only ones that had acutuall fires going but believe it or not some people only use those things for looks! Go figure!!!!! How do you decorate your fireplace, do you only decorate the mantel, do you use it, do you change it up in the summer time? What do you do??? Hope everyone is staying warm and can be parked in front of it because its going to get worse!!! Stay warm all!

Hugs & Kisses
Angela K

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